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By The Tum-Tum Tree
Beware of lizard
Adventures, yesterday and tomorrow 
13th-May-2010 10:54 pm
frankie stein, monster high, cutesy monster dolls, gwen frankenstein
Yesterday colonize had the BEST ADVENTURE. My mom works at a daycare, so she has a membership at a local toystore, where we've been saving up points for basically the last twenty years. We cashed those points in for $75 in store credit, which for some reason you had to spend all in one go. .....So I now have $75 worth of Playmobil that I hadn't had before! Including Evil Mermaid Queen (who is for some reason making the 4chan logo face) and her Purple Barbarian Soldiers (seriously they were exactly the same colour as the Queen, it was sort of perfect). They were engaged in a bitter feud with King Culturally-Confused his champion, Sir Glowing Chainsaw-Gun-Lance, and their allies, Barbarians who carry enough weapons for their wolves to be armed too.

...I FUCKING LOVE PLAYMOBIL, THE END. (There is a point to buying these, I promise, there are Things that will come of it at some point. Possiblymaybe.)

ALSO! Yesterday NEW BIRDS OF PREY CAME OUT, have I mentioned that they are my FAVOURITE? I just. HOW SO AWESOME? Here, I'll just link to the last time I gushed about BoP. I'm tempted to do a page-by-page review at some point, inspired by [personal profile] nevermore999's Super Mega Batgirl Reviews.

But I can't do that now, or this weekend. Because! This weekend! My mom and lufwood_emilius and I are going to the STEAMPUNK WORLD FAIR. WE LEAVE TOMORROW MORNING. THIS IS GONNA BE SO AWESOME :D. Expect pictures!
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